We aren't exclusive, we're inclusive

We believe that large impact starts with individual connection.
Here are some opportunities to get more connected in our church: 


Be a Part of a Community

Whether it’s through sermon discussion, serving with an Outreach Partner, or sharing a common interest, we encourage everyone to join an eGroup and begin growing in their relationship with God and His church.

Our eGroups exist to empower the people of E2 Church to build community and foster spiritual growth.

Find a Group:

  1. Decide on the type of eGroup that you are interested in joining. This will make it easier to filter your search.
  2. Use our Search Engine to find an eGroup that best suits your interests, location, and schedule.
  3. Your eGroup Leader will contact you with details of the eGroup.
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You can be an eGroup leader. We’ve got everything you need to get started.

Before you step into this role to serve as an eGroup leader, we need you to attend E2 101. You can attend E2 101 on a Sunday morning at the E2 Church location closest to you. You’ll have an opportunity to hear the history and vision of our church, how eGroup Leaders fit into the growth of your campus, and what we expect from you as a leader


  1. Choose your location from the list.
  2. Log in using your online giving or InFellowship account.
  3. Sign up to attend e101.


Prepare for your eGroup and facilitate good conversations with discussion guides that will walk you through the lessons step-by-step.